Rasa Vitalia Dance Workshops & Classes!

Dreaming of dancing?
Some teachers will teach you the nice steps, but I teach you how to move your body in way that sets your dance on fire!

  • B.F.A. In World Music and Dance
  • World renown award winning dance performer and artist with over 20+ years experience
  • Shares first hand knowledge from dance & music experience from world tours
  • Personalized instruction catering to your needs
  • Professional and patient
  • Gets to the point
  • Sparks the fun!

Get Up & Go Donation Yoga/Dance online! LIVE!

Get your morning CuppaLove!
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Get Up & Go Donation-Based Yoga/Dance sessions online!

FIRST CLASS LIVE on facebook April 18, 2019! 
9am PST(SF)
10am MT (Salt Lake City)
11am CT (Cancun)
12pm EST NYC)
Tune in here! 
Can't find time to workout? Anxious? Worried? Tired?
Only a few minutes a day will save your life! 
Build balance, compassion, wisdom, & super health with me!

Do this at the ease and comfort of your home, lunch time, office, in the park, on the street.. anywhere at your leisure!   

It is time to put your mind, body and spirit into position to get the most out of life and win your best for success! Join me on the playa or in the palapa (isn't that so cool?) for online yoga and dance motivational classes and chat sessions to get yourself in check! 
Donation based! Paypal/Venmo Rasa@RasaVitalia.com  
(Support me as I support you!)
P.S. Time conflict? Schedule your own personal session now on facebook, whatsapp, skype, zoom video or live in person! 
First class only $5.00! Limited time only

BE A WINNER!  Motivate! Inspire!  NOW!
Rasa Vitalia is a professional, internationally-acclaimed, multi-talented world dance performer, teacher, musician, singer, caricature artist, entertainer, comedian, director of celebrations, personal motivator, role model, vegetarian, spiritual shaman and joy of life coach. She travels on tour bringing her enthusiasm for the joy of life through her art across the world through movement. Rasa Vitalia is guaranteed to remain a positive force in the entertainment industry and around the globe. 
USA/San Francisco: 415-407-8006  
Mexico: 55 8617 1356  
USA/NYC: 212-804-8932
CV: http://www.RasaVitalia.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rasavitalia  
Skype: rasavitalia  
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/2266785270083174/


I accept Paypal, Venmo, Credit Cards, & More! My Paypal & Venmo email is Rasa@RasaVitalia.com