Rasa Vitalia Dance Workshops & Classes!

Dreaming of dancing?
Some teachers will teach you the nice steps, but I teach you how to move your body in way that sets your dance on fire!

  • B.F.A. In World Music and Dance
  • World renown award winning dance performer and artist with over 20+ years experience
  • Shares first hand knowledge from dance & music experience from world tours
  • Personalized instruction catering to your needs
  • Professional and patient
  • Gets to the point
  • Sparks the fun!

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Facetime - 415-407-8006

Skype - rasavitalia

WhatsApp - USA: 415-407-8006

WhatsApp - MEXICO: 55-8617-1356

Facebook Video Calls: http://www.facebook.com/rasavitalia

Skype, Facebook, Facetime, and WhatsApp is are easy apps to make video and audio calls, exchange chat messages and do much more! You can use software on your computer, mobile phone, tablet and other devices. Add me and let's easily set up an online class session! Email Rasa@RasaVitalia.com to schedule your class!

I accept Paypal, Venmo, Credit Cards, & More! My Paypal & Venmo email is Rasa@RasaVitalia.com